My 3 Favorite Sweatshirts

Thankfully my all-time favorite clothing item can be worn during spring, fall and winter.

I love a good sweatshirt! Surprisingly, I only have 3 of them. I don’t have a sweatshirt “B team.”

I recently did a “between season” clothing switcheroo. I looked at my 3 favorites and just felt thankful that I don’t have to put them away just yet.

My favorite public sweatshirt is blueish green, zips easily, wears great with a base layer without being too hot or bulky and I’ve had it about 4 years.

My favorite hoody-style sweatshirt boasts a springy peach color, is made of lighter softer cotton with an unexpected v-neck. This 7-year old slightly stained, stretched out friend doesn’t venture out of the house, but is super comfy to clean or cook in.

Last, but not least — my early morning hoody. It is ugly, heavy and way too big, but it’s also warm, cozy and the first thing I put on in the morning as I make my way downstairs for coffee with Jesus. It’s muffled my laughs when reading Bob Goff and absorbed my tears and spilled coffee.

Of course, they are really nothing in the grand scheme of eternity. I feel a little ridiculous even writing about them. The sweatshirts haven’t changed my life, but they are part of me, my life.

It’s important to notice the regular stuff and be thankful.

Jesus talked about not worrying about what we wear, what we eat or what we drink. He takes care of it.

So it’s good for me to notice and think about these little things … I thank Him several times a day for my food (and always very grateful for coffee!) but not too often have I thanked Him for my daily clothes.

Well, just a few of my thoughts as I enter this weekend. Enjoy your Saturday!

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